Magic In Your Kitchen Disney Steamboat Cookware Set

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Celebrate 100 Years of Disney Magic In Your Kitchen
Add a touch of cinematic wonder to your kitchen with our space-saving nonstick cookware set
Delightful Disney Steamboat Willie - Inspired design features
Stay-cool Mickey-shaped knob and Steamboat-Willie-inspired embossings
Debossed, “music notes” detail on rivets
Pan protectors with allover print of “Steamboat Willie” graphics
Induction base with “Steamboat Willie” stamp mark
Space-saving magic Whether it's a pan or a pot, we've designed our cookware so that it nests together seamlessly. When stacked together, it gives you a beautiful color gradient and keeps your kitchen as neat as a pin.
Put a lid on it A chaotic drawerful of mismatched lids are a bane of any kitchen. Somehow you find yourself with more than you need and nowhere to store them. Despair no more. Fitting a total of 3 sizes of cookware together, the universal lid will be the only lids you reach for from now on — nothing more, nothing less. The lids also have a clever stacking feature, making them a dream to store. You're welcome!
Keep those spills in check Our stockpot is skilled at minimizing messy boilovers— much more effectively than regular straight-sided pots. The pot's unique bell-shape and rim design help hold more of your bubbling soup in the pot than outside it. A truly fuss-free design.
Comfy for all the right reasons Made of high-heat silicone, our handles are comfy, super sturdy, and will keep its shape in the oven. It's got all the right curves and edges to fit hands of different shapes and sizes.
Other nice things:
Nonstick smooth as silk
to make any cleanup a breeze
A gift on the house:
pan protectors to prevent scuffs

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